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Laser Pocket Disinfectant Content

Laser Pocket Disinfectant Content

Cleanings of the Future!

At Twinsburg Dental Associates, we are always learning and striving to utilize new technologies in order to provide our patients with the best available care. We recently added a new procedure called Laser Pocket Disinfectant (LPD) to our arsenal.

There has been an avalanche of articles and news stories over the past ten years discussing the link between periodontal (gum) disease and systemic diseases, such as heart disease, lung disease, low birth weight babies and rheumatoid arthritis. The saying “healthy gums, healthy heart” illustrates the importance of reducing bad bacteria that linger below the gums.

As lasers have become increasingly common in medicine, they are becoming prevalent in dentistry as well. Different types of lasers are used for a variety of different procedures. We utilize the Periolase laser, the only laser that is FDA approved to treat gum disease. Unlike other dental lasers, the Periolase laser has the ability to penetrate deep below the gums and remove up to 80% of the bacteria that causes gum disease. This procedure normally takes less than 10 minutes and is painless.

The laser is also beneficial for patients who have had recent surgeries such as knee and hip replacements. Common practice is to recommend antibiotics to those patients prior to their next dental appointment to prevent the bacteria below your gums from entering your blood stream.  By utilizing the Periolase laser prior to a dental cleaning, the amount of bacteria present is largely reduced, thus reducing the risk of any complications to the surgically treated area.

If you are interested in the Laser Pocket Disinfectant procedure, come in and talk to our doctors or hygienists about this quick and pain-free treatment.